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• For your everyday use, would you like to have the most complete product on the market, guaranteed by the company that first developed the Whisper technology?

Trust to the only operator that knows exactly your needs as operator and intermediary.
Because Whisper – thanks to the decennial experience in the radio guide rent sector – has learnt
by now how to sort out any kind of issue concerning the management and use of radio devices.
For all kind of groups.
Buy with confidence the Whisper experience.

It is the practice of experts who know all solutions and…

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Would you like to know the opportunity and benefits of purchasing directly our product?

Whisper Experience

Buy the Whisper experience means to rely on a company that perfectly knows in details what your needs are. Because we are the first final users of ourselves.
Together with the transmitter for the guide, receivers for listeners, microphones, earphones, lithium batteries with long autonomy, the charger box with system of automatic smart recharge and the high resistance bag, designed to carry the devices, you will get the “know how” of a company leader in the sector since 2000.

Advanced Technology

You will bring home a complete product: effective both for group organizers and for final users. You will find out the convenience of lithium battery (long lasting, quick recharge, ecological), of automatic switching off system, multiple channels< for more groups at same time, automatic scan of closer channel to move from one group to another. And much more.
For your business you could have the use of a radio guide system easy to use, reliable and kept up with cutting-edge technology.
You could purchase one or more set of radio guide highly efficient shockproof, with record autonomy of ecological lithium battery and great quality of sound, thanks to unidirectional microphone.
You will discover how useful is your Whisper radio guide set to the full spectrum of different needs you may encounter.


Becoming our clients means that you won’t be abandoned in the post-sale stage (as might happen with some dealer), but you will benefit over time of all the assistance required and of our technical support about any issue concerning the functioning and maintenance of the product.

Costs management optimization

You will optimize management costs compare to other similar products. The reason? Over time you will have less quantity of consumer products to purchase (like alkaline batteries). As matter of fact, just the earphones.
Buy the Whisper experience means to own an always cutting-edge technology.
The technology of the founders.