Whisper is the leader company in radio guide system. Operating since 1999 it has founded the radio guide service dedicated to tourism.

Whisper brand is so widely spread that all the radio guides, even the competitor’s ones are called Whisper by the costumers.

Our continuous investments in technology and the attention at details and quality of our products and services have allowed the quick growth of the company all over the world and have made Whisper a consolidated partner of the majors tour operators.


Innovation has always been our strength, it allows us to develop technologies that were superior to all the technologies available on the market, bringing us to stand out not just for the quality of our products, but also for the products ease of use. Indeed our radios are not just user friendly for the costumers, but they were designed to be also easily managed by those who want to start business in this field.


All the franchisee will have a software for the organizational and economical management. It will be a valuable support in controlling all the business elements as:

  • Total control of the services
  • Easy and intuitive activity schedule
  • Interface with RFid system to never lose a device
  • Integration between the different operative departments
  • Summaries of the services’ economic performance
  • Real time view of turnover


Your success is our aim, for this reason the franchisee will have all the needed support for the marketing development of its company coherently with the headquarter’s marketing strategies, but considering the peculiarities of the single markets and geographical areas.


With the perspective of an even wider spread of the brand Whisper, at local level as well, the franchisee neither has to pay an admission fee, nor a minimum quantity of products.

It will be possible to become a franchisee just with the payment of an annual royalty tax, in this way the investment is affordable to everybody.

In addition the headquarter will guarantee to the franchisee a zone exclusivity, and in some case also the country monopoly.