How do I book a service?

You need to call or email our booking office choosing the type of service and providing: the dates, number of people per group, the group leader or the guide’s name and mobile number and the locations of the service.

Where do I find you?

You will find a member of our staff in the place you have chosen, alternatively you will find the Whisper kit at the reception of your Hotel/Office/Other.

How do I recognize your staff?

Our staff  wear Whisper uniforms.

What is Whisper?

It is a radio guide system which allows a speaker to communicate directly and clearly with a number of listeners, commonly used for guided visits.

Where is it used and who by?

It is used by group travel organizer to visit Museums, churches, natural sites etc.

Is it easy to use?

It’s very easy to use, you just need to press one button.

How does it work for delivery and pick up?

Delivery and pick up are arranged at place most convenient to you, by a dedicated line of courier or by our staff.

What kind of charges are applicable within one day?

For one day you can choose between two possibilities: a half day fee up to 4 hours and a full day fee for the whole day.

Do you have an emergency number to call should any problem arise during the service?

Yes, you can call our help line: +39 335 12 66 019.