Whisper is the original name of a product that over time has become a byword of “radio for guided visits”.

A brand – operating in more than 40 Countries worldwide – which paves the way to dozens of imitations.
Whisper is actually, in the scenario of the sector, the key word that identifies  the spread of information via radio between a speaker and listeners. 

Whisper is product, service, professional style and company, all combined together.


Whisper is the radio system (one transmitter and more receivers) specifically created to sort out the needs
of communication between a guide (an instructor, a trainer, a translator) and a group of people
in tourism, sporting, business and event fields.

It is a simple and practical technology, thought to solve the limited familiarity of the average user
with electronic devices. This is the reason why it is used with great success by tour operators
and in the main tourist places worldwide, by sporting master and during conventions, in theme parks
and in dozen of other sectors.

The high tech quality of radios – combined to record performances of the ecological lithium battery – placed Whisper as the leader product in the international market.


Whisper is the rental service of radio receiving devices, simple and practical, that changes radically
the way of communication with groups of tourists

Thanks to a guaranteed daily business 7 days out of 7, every year more than 600 thousand tourists
in the world have proof of how the Whisper is handy, efficient and unique on the market.

The advantages are immediate not only for tourists. Even those who have to organize groups,
or speak all day long, will appreciate with satisfaction the strong points of the Whisper rental service:

  • Trained Whisper staff > to anticipate any critical situation
  • Tailor-made delivery and collection > carried where and when it suits you best
  • 79 different channels > to avoid any problems of interference
  • Handiness of backpack > with lithium battery which is less heavy
  • Customised cards and design > as a marketing tool of advertising and quick recognition
  • Single Earphone > for safety reason
  • Unidirectional Microphone with anti-noise system > to listen to the speaker’s voice only, cutting out all the surrounding noises
  • Auto switching off > guide and tourists have one thing less to worry about!

A choice which is equivalent to have over time a cutting-edge technology, professional assistance and technical support about any issues relating to operation and maintenance of product.


Whisper cut out forever the era where groups of people were just standing still – impatient and shouting – around a guide who was yelling to keep the attention going.

Professional guides are recognizable in the world by their “whispering” style, in line with the regulation
of most tourist sites (which require the mandatory use of Whisper radios).

By using Whisper, the person who speaks can communicate efficiently among crowds of people:

  • with no need to shout
  • keeping in touch with those who lag behind
  • respecting the holiness of places
  • without disturbing other visitors

Thanks to Whisper, thousands of tourist guides every year:

• whisper without problems
• tell entertaining stories and curiosities while moving
• turn the tour into an unforgettable, prestigious and enhanced experience


Whisper is the brand of a worldwide leading company, specialized in rental of radio guide devices,
which has been working from 2000 in the sector of guided visits.

Thanks to:

  • 600 thousands of people who every year, on the average, use our system
  • 80 thousand of radios self-produced in the last 5 years for clients of 12 different Countries
  • dozens of partnership with the main international Tour Operators
  • a commercial network in Italy, Spain, France, Malta, Greece, Turkey, Israel, Egypt, United States
  • a constant participation in the main international trade fair of tourism and technology

Whisper is today synonym of excellence, business quality and radio technology always groundbreaking.
More than 5 millions of users who have already enjoyed our service, know that the Whisper devices are an exclusive product – expressly thought for the use in different fields – able to obviate the limited familiarity of any users with technology.