Why choose Whisper?

Why Whisper?
Not just for our radios.
Here are the meaningful reasons to choose us as your business partner:

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The Whisper radio system (today representing the byword for this product) has been invented by us.
Leader in this sector since 12 years, at today we are still a dynamic company, always oriented towards
new ideas and smart solutions.


The high quality of our radios, attested and proved by many years of practical use (and stress of the product), permits a long duration of our systems. It is completely at client's benefit.
Remember that our technology is not purchasable from other suppliers of the sector: the only company authorized to commercialize it is the Whisper.


The record duration of lithium battery is beyond compare. To obtain such performances in matter of autonomy (70 hours in continuous reception and 120 hours in stand-by) the radios commercially available must change very often the alkaline batteries or recharge the devices.


Thanks to a widespread network all over European and international Countries (Italy, Spain, France, Malta, Greece, Turkey, Israel, Egypt, Unites States, Australia, China and South Africa) and to a dozen of partnerships with main Tour Operators worldwide, we are the leading company for ability in distribution
and for service's offer.

Zero interferences

Working on 79 different channels, total coverage is provided to dozens of groups at the same time:
any interferences of the sound is thus eliminated.


A lithium battery (lighter than 3 alkaline batteries) guarantees an autonomy three times superior.
The guide will find the backpack definitely lighter, as less extra supplies will be needed.
And the tourists will hang to their neck a radio which weights just 110 grams.

Easiness of use

Only few functional buttons : the Whisper radio can be easily used by people of any age, even if not accustomed to technology.

Safety and health

All the earphones models are reusable by the same person, because the quality of the item allows a repeated use. Moreover, the Whisper radios are made with materials that respect the ROHS, CE and FCC laws to reduce the environmental impact.


More than 12 years in the tourist and rental field provided us with countless practical experiences,
useful to enhance our service by corrective and effective improvements; this increase the quality of the product and also reduce the management costs for clients.


The Whisper radio system is usable and enjoyable anywhere there is a problem of communication between
a speaker and a group of people. You will "meet" the Whisper not just in organized travel or where simultaneous translation is needed, but also in museums, churches, companies, meetings, events, theme park, historical buildings and much more!


The innovative and original design of the radios has been studied and expressly created to customize
the Whisper with your own company's logo or a recognizable brand by printing it on the "card".
This allows the guides to identify quickly their group, even by the brandization of the radio-holder lanyards.

Smart recharge

The charger supplied is governed by a system of fast and smart charging of battery packs, which calculates the time based on the effective charge of each battery, recharging the single cell in an autonomous way. Therefore the guide doesn't have to wait all batteries to be recharged at the same time.

Quality of sound

The era of multi directional microphones is over for good. Today – thanks to the unidirectional microphone, the quality of earphones and anti-noise system – the tourists can finally listen clearly just to the speaker's voice.