In 2000 a team of professional experts in tourism – combining the Italian creativity to expertise and international efficiency – started off the dream to develop the quality of this sector.

So the Whisper radio guide System was created, a self-produced technology within everybody’s reach
that develops innovation in this field and represents for the whole section a model of professional, exclusive and well-established service.

More than 5 millions of users, who have enjoyed our service, know that the Whisper devices are
an exclusive product, specially thought for the use in tourist field and to obviate the limited familiarity
of some users with technology.

From the strong experience gained in years in the hiring sector, and from the deep knowledge of the needs during guided visits, Whisper product brings along on the market a considerable added value, able to give
a special contribution to the quality of any organised holidays, or anywhere there is a speaker who needs
to communicate with a group.

Tour Operators from more than 40 Countries in the world experience every day the advantages and the benefits that the Whisper radio guide System provides to their work and to the daily well-being in general.
In a period when the supply of radio guide services is becoming mandatory inside the museums, choosing Whisper means to rely on an international company measured up to partnership with the major tour operators in the world.

Thanks to:

  • 600 thousand people that every year, on the average, use our System
  • 80 thousand radios self-produced in the last 5 years for clients of 12 different nations
  • commercial network in Italy, Spain, France, Malta, Greece, Croatia, Turkey, Israel, Egypt, USA, China, South Africa, Caribbean and UAE.
  • dozens of partnership with the major international Tour Operators