Thanks to dozen of partnership with the most important international Tour Operator – and to a commercial network in Italy, Spain, France, Czech Republic, Malta, Greece, Croatia, Turkey, Israel, Egypt, UAE, United States, Caribbean, Australia, China and South Africa – we are the leading company for ability in distribution and services all over the European and international Countries.

Here are our services, appreciated and reviewed from more than 600 thousand of users every year.


The most common and innovative use of the Whisper service. Through an easy and suitable procedure,
the tourist will always be connected for the whole duration of the tour.

  1. Book the service via telephone or email indicating the number of days and place of delivery
  2. Our staff/courier will deliver the Whisper Kit ready to use in the place selected
  3. Take the radios and hand the disposable earphones to tourists

Enjoy it!

The radios are light, easy to use and can be customized with your company brand. For the whole duration of the tour, there is no need to recharge or replace the batteries thanks to the lithium technology (the autonomy is 70 hours in continuous reception and 120 hours in stand-by).

Rates include all the technical materials needed to enjoy the visit, the delivery/collection of radios in places scheduled and the technical assistance, if needed, subjected to phone call to our operative number (even during the service).


DAILY SERVICE                                 

                                                 daily service

This service allows you to use the radios even just for an half or a full day.

As for the Tour Formula, you can decide to provide your travel groups with rapid, easy and clear explanation.
Without long queues, with more freedom of movements and increasing the time at your disposal
during guided visits.

We’d like to remind that you can choose – in cities where available – any places
for delivery and collection (and at any time). A specifically appointed member of our staff in uniform
will provide the delivery and pick up according to your needs.


                                                   ocean cruise

Would you like to provide quality and elegance to your sea or river cruise trip?
Choose our service, tailored for a growing sector.

The 79 channels available on the Whisper System® will allow you to manage more groups
at the same time even during shore excursions.

We point out that:

• The delivery is usually made early in the morning from our staff in a quite place nearby the port, far from the city chaos, or at any place/time indicated. The appointed member of our staff will do a short briefing on the use of the Whisper kit.

• The collection will be at port (or other place to plan).



It is a service that brings a clear added value to incentive travels and to the quality of the meetings, making them more exclusive.

Used both for outdoor visits and indoor conference, our system is ready to use at arrival, so no extra work is required.

The quality and warranty of Whisper are recognizable by  high efficiency, quality of the product and customization of devices.



Thanks to Whisper, the visit in a place of artistic and cultural interest becomes an enjoyable and unforgettable experience.

Choose our product for an indoor or outdoor exhibition: you can significantly reduce the management costs and issues related to materials.

Use a reliable product, with a perfect acoustic and with the possibility to listen to every single word, respecting at the same time the silence required in Museums.


                                                     factory tour
Thanks to our radios and accessories, factory tours will have an added value. Our system brings a clear communication even in this challenging environment. The speaker/guide doesn’t have to shout to compete with such a noisy background, and listeners/visitors can easily hear and follow the guide throughout the visit.




Finally thanks to our radios the trainer can use the right tone of voice to explain and motivate students/participants during a training session.

The trainer doesn’t have to shout any more to be heard by all the students in the classroom and also the message communicated will be acknowledged immediately!





During an event where is arranged a simultaneous translation, the speaker is provided with a transmitter. He talks directly to the interpreter who has a receiver set on the same channel of the speaker.
The interpreter has also a microphone that allows him to translate instantaneously to the audience, equipped with receivers set on the same channel of the interpreter’s transmitter. In this way the interpreter will not need the classical booth to work and no cost of installments is required, as the system arrives ready to use!



Planning a guided visit in a theme park?

Don’t worry about loosing your group in a noisy and crowded place, thanks to a clear communication through the Whisper radio guides you will transform an amusing tour in an amazing experience.


• The delivery is made by our express courier and/or by our qualified staff in any places suitable for you
(hotel, office, home, etc)

• The Whisper Travel Kit is delivered in a Whisper RED plastic bag, with a tag showing the name of the responsible and relative tour code

• At the end of the tour, the Whisper Travel Kit has to be left at the place agreed inside the Whisper BLACK plastic bag (provided in the front pocket of the backpack)

• You will have at your disposal the kit (including the instruction for the correct use) and the extra
materials which guarantee the autonomy needed for the whole duration of the service