Whisper is the Company that invented the first radio-guide system 20 years ago for use in tourism with the aim of simplifying communication in situations where speaker and listener are distant from one another.
How often do communication problems arise when practicing SPORTS because of distance?
The two-way devices ensure communication in real time between coaches and teams, simply and intuitively.
A teacher who is unable to provide the right suggestion at the precise moment when the pupil needs it, knows too well that offering this advice later on is not the same. That very moment, that very instant is what makes all the difference. Just think of skiing, horse-back riding or cycling.
The extreme ease of use and real-time feedback accelerate the learning process, enabling technique to be polished during training and sports performance to be increased. Those who use Whisper know that it is much more than just an accessory, it is an indispensable tool.
Today Whisper is used by many professionals, sports federations and training schools, but also by amateurs who want to remain competitive, concentrated and connected with their team at all times.

Whisper Experience, much more than just a passion

  • Snow sports

  • Equestrian sports

  • Water sports

  • Road and off road

  • Outdoor sport

October 30, 2019


Dal 4 al 6 novembre, l’Excel di Londra Arena apre le porte al WTM e ai 5000 espositori provenienti da 182 paesi del mondo.
November 7, 2019

WHISPER LAB: we give birth to new ideas

Quando la conoscenza del mercato si affianca a quella della tecnologia, può nascere qualche cosa di straordinario.
November 9, 2019

GREEN WHISPER: As always rechargeable

Whisper fa del rispetto dell’ambiente una sfida da vincere, integrando le sue politiche aziendali di espansione con scelte che abbiano la sostenibilità come fine.
Whisper System