Whisper is the Company that invented the first radio-guide system 20 years ago with the aim of simplifying communication in situations where speaker and listener are distant from one another.
Using our radio guides you can coordinate all the activities of your students inside and outside the classroom.
School trips visit to college campuses, outdoor classes: these are all moments in which the relationship between group and teacher is fundamental, something that everyone can agree upon. Trusting in our technology in situations that tend to be chaotic and full of distractions means relying on an irreplaceable tool for capturing people’s attention.
Our radio guides are useful for learning and help those using them to get their bearings and miss nothing of what is said during guided tours, tours of universities and at conferences and seminars.

Whisper Experience, mastering communication.

  • Tours of college campuses

  • Seminars

  • Band rehearsals

  • Outdoor classes and guided tours

  • School trips

  • School camps

  • Sports training

  • University conferences

October 30, 2019


Dal 4 al 6 novembre, l’Excel di Londra Arena apre le porte al WTM e ai 5000 espositori provenienti da 182 paesi del mondo.
November 7, 2019

WHISPER LAB: we give birth to new ideas

Quando la conoscenza del mercato si affianca a quella della tecnologia, può nascere qualche cosa di straordinario.
November 9, 2019

GREEN WHISPER: As always rechargeable

Whisper fa del rispetto dell’ambiente una sfida da vincere, integrando le sue politiche aziendali di espansione con scelte che abbiano la sostenibilità come fine.
Whisper System